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Need a replacement part for your sunglasses or goggles? Or how about anti-fog products, lenses, straps, and leashes? We’ve got everything you need to outfit yourself in our performance eyewear. And we have bags and cases to keep your favorite eyewear protected. Shop our accessories section for all your eyewear needs.

Sometimes anti-fog goggles and sunglasses aren’t quite enough. If you’re still having problems with fogging, try our anti-fog ooze or spray. It creates a protective film on your lenses that prevents fogging and water spots. And the ooze and spray both come in small, portable containers, so they’re easy to take with you to the slopes or water.

You can also pick up some interchangeable lenses for your Spex. Spex come with grey, amber, or clear lenses. If you want additional colors, you can find them here. Pick up all three lens colors, and you’ll be prepared for anything the weather throws your way, whether it’s a bright, sunny day or cloudy and overcast.

Did you wear out the strap on your wraparound sunglasses? We have replacement straps, which are more affordable than replacing the entire sunglasses. Pick one up and your sunglasses will be like new in no time. Need a leash to keep your sunnies on at all times, like in rough ocean conditions? We have that, too. The leash goes around your neck and attaches to the head strap, and comes with a breakaway clip in case you need to take it off.

How about a bag or case to protect your new performance eyewear? We have soft bags and protective cases for your sunglasses. Pick up an extra bag or two, and you’ll never have to throw your sunnies in with the rest of your gear unprotected and risk scratching them. And the protective case will keep them protected from the rest of your gear that may end up on top of them.

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