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How to Enjoy Kitesurfing While Staying Safe

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How to Enjoy Kitesurfing While Staying SafeAs its name implies, kitesurfing is the extreme combination of two fun hobbies: surfing and kiting. Unlike traditional diamond kites, the kites used in kitesurfing are more like parachutes and gliders, able to carry an athlete on a surfboard. Because of this, kitesurfing belongs to the extreme sports category, which is a boon to thrill-seekers.

While kitesurfing has its risks, the sport can be extremely fun. Look around you and you’ll see why so many people in Australia are picking up the sport. However, as with any extreme sport, there are important things to be considered first before trying the sport.

The Story behind the Sport

For the unfamiliar, kitesurfing looks like a testosterone-fuelled invention from the mind of an X-Games champion, but that's not the story. Kitesurfing originated more than 20 years ago from another sport known as windsurfing. Windsurfing was a very popular sport in Australia, but there was a big problem.

Windsurfing required a lot of heavy and expensive equipment. It wasn't really a sport that everyone could enjoy. Then kitesurfing was born. Kitesurfing uses little equipment that are easier to carry. And, more importantly, kitesurfing is significantly cheaper. However, windsurfing is still popular in Australia today.

Is Kitesurfing Better Than Windsurfing?

Kitesurfing and windsurfing are both fun and challenging. As to which of the two is better, the answer is obviously a matter of preference. But kitesurfing has many advantages over windsurfing. First, the former is easier to learn. Experts say that windsurfing is three times harder than kitesurfing.

Another factor is the portability of the equipment. Kitesurfing gear is easier to transport and they are cheaper, too. When it comes to the level of excitement, kitesurfing offers more because athletes have more freedom to execute tricks.

Safe Kitesurfing Gear

Safety should always be the number one concern before heading to Safety Bay or Shoal Water Bay – two of the best kiteboarding destinations in Australia. You don’t want to hit the water without the appropriate safety gear.

The helmet is the most important piece of safety gear that you should buy. A great board and kite are necessary to play the sport, but a high-quality helmet is paramount to stay safe. Accidents happen and you do not want to hit the water hard without a helmet.

The best helmets, such as those sold at 4Kicks, are designed specifically with kiteboarding in mind. They have a strong exterior, aerodynamic design and foam interior to ensure complete comfort.

Goggles are the next most important piece of safety gear. Goggles are usually overlooked by novice kitesurfers. However, if you’ll go kiteboarding without your goggles on, you'll be in for an unpleasant surprise. Without the proper eye protection, you will suffer serious damage. So, get a pair of goggles that are strong, durable and comfortable.

Finding the Best Beaches in Australia

Once you have your board and your safety gear, it is time to find the best beaches. Kitesurfing has a growing social scene, especially in Australia. If you want to kitesurf alongside other players, then head to Safety Bay. Its crystal clear waters are perfect for kiteboarding. 

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