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Snowboarding: Getting Ready with the Right Gear

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Getting ready with the right snowboarding gear

Snowboarding is an exciting sport, much like surfing, but on snow. But just like any other sport, snowboarding requires the proper equipment, not to mention the skill and experience. So, let’s assume that you already know how to snowboard and explore the basic gear needed to conquer the sport.


While you can always rent snowboards at a cheap price, buying your own can be a good long-term investment, especially if you’re snowboarding on a regular basis. Snowboards come in different designs; elements like length, width, flexibility, curvature and cut usually vary. They come in different styles, too: freestyle, freeride, all-mountain, splitboard, racing, powder, park and dual snowboard.


Another important equipment that you shouldn’t miss are the snowboard bindings. It holds the rider’s boot in place, and it is attached to the board using screws. The strap-in type is the most popular snowboarding binding. There’s also the step-in binding and the hybrid binding.


Of course, you need a pair of snowboard boots or soft boots. Boots have practical uses: they keep your feet warm and protect you from the chilling cold.

Snowboarding Clothing

A thick and well-insulated jacket will keep you warm while gliding through the snow slopes. The same is true with snowboard pants. In addition, your clothing must be light when worn. Lighter clothes are comfortable and easy to wear. You also need a pair of insulated socks and gloves.


The better you see, the better you ski. That’s why you need a pair of goggles that are durable and made from high-quality materials.

Other Equipment

Apart from the gears listed above, you want to bring along a camera to record your adventures. You may also include other equipment such as a headband, sunblock, knee pads and a helmet. And, don’t forget your backpack with food and water on it.

That’s it! You are ready to go. If you’re looking for a great place to buy high-quality snowboarding gear at a budget-friendly price, please visit 4Kicks at www.4Kicks.com.au.

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