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Which is More Important Fashion or Extreme Sports?

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Society's Take on the Fusion of Fashion and Extreme Sports

Extreme Sports can be summed by saying that you’re “living life on the edge.” It's a series of high action, high energy sports that (quite often) require a certain set of skills and include the element of spend and danger.

Fashion is an expression of how we feel about society and ourselves; it's the act of looking and feeling good, and presenting yourself in the best possible light. What makes it difficult to define fashion is the fact that it can change on a whim. Before, fashion trends are only created by mega movie stars, now they are also set by those who are into extreme sports.

The Fusion of Extreme Sports and Fashion

For the most part, the people who define fashion are pretty much the same people (age wise) who either watch or participate in extreme sports. Looking back in time, a BMX racer might have been dressed in a tee and cut-off jeans, but that changed radically when BMX apparel made its mark on the world.

Flashy, colorful and durable numbers made it through the ranks of extreme sports and as these pieces did, fans of the sport began to dress in similar fashion, both to show their love of the sport and their love of clothes. What began as a ripple in the fashion world can now be seen by almost anyone walking the streets of Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne.

The Start of a Much Bigger Business

In a way, it shouldn't be surprising because sportswear is comfortable and nowadays,, is acceptable in nearly any social function. What might previously have been worn strictly for a day out hiking, biking or climbing, can now be worn (possibly with a jacket) to the trendiest nightspots in the Gold Coast.

With that thought planted in the mind of young people, big businesses (particularly those from the fashion industry) were quick to capitalize on the trend creating an even greater assortment of sportswear; this time however, they were manufactured not simply for the extreme sports enthusiasts, but even for those who are still thinking of the possibility of being involved in such sports.

From the glamour capitals of the world, New York, Paris, and yes, even Sydney, it's no longer surprising to see people wearing jerseys, caps, and other sportswear in social events – including events that are not sports-related.

Why the Fusion Has Become a Hit?

Comfort and trend are the main reasons why fashion has perfectly blended with extreme sports but there’s also a psychological reason behind this: people love looking at those who are willing to risk their lives in the pursuit of excellence. That's not to say every extreme sport is life threatening, but many are and when a person succeeds, there are sure to be multiple adoring fans thinking, "Maybe I could do that, too". And when that thought takes hold, it is followed by the desire to dress in similar fashion, both for style and practical reasons.

Style is obviously about wearing the right clothes and feeling good about what you’re wearing; but they also carry with them a psychological advantage because when you slip on that jersey, you're also slipping into a change of mindset where you become a little bit of the sports hero you’ve been rooting for. Fashion, particularly extreme sports fashion, has the ability to make someone from any walk of life, get (and least mentally) a little closer to the edge.

Aside from making one look and feel good, these apparels can help protect an extreme athlete or those who are simply borrowing a bit of the glory from injury when participating in extreme sports. Additionally, the clothes and accessories (shoes, coats, helmets, pads, jersey, etc.) are usually manufactured from very durable materials and as such, will have a longer life span.

The New Trend

Sports is a big business and while cricket and rugby may draw more Aussies than BMX, the trend from the fashion world has been to push their wear to mainstream audience to increase market share. Add in the fact that multiple professional athletes worldwide have their own clothing line, it's easier to understand how extreme sports and fashion have fused.

People love the idea of sports and being on the winning team, whether or not they have contributed to its triumph. In fact, the sports-wearing trend has already evolved: even those who have no interest in sports wear the clothes, gears and paraphernalia for comfort, durability and of course, the fact that everyone else does so.

Extreme sports continue to rise in popularity and participation and from the fashion industry perspective, while that line is still considered a niche, each season opens up more gates into the mainstream of society. Fashion and extreme sports is the perfect blend of high energy and high fashion. 

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