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Windsurfing and Its Essential Gear

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What is Windsurfing and its Important Gear?

What is Windsurfing and its Important Gear?

Windsurfing also known as sailboarding or boardsailing is basically a hybrid sport combining parts of surfing and sailing. This uses a modified surfboard with attached sails.

The windsurfer usually should know how to manipulate the sails to propel him to his desired direction. Windsurfing requires significant skill –particularly in the open seas.

With consistent practice in calmer and controlled environments, you can eventually develop and master the skills needed to sail in open waters. Windsurfers can travel at greater speed and to farther points than traditional surfers.

Windsurfing Gear

To enjoy and succeed at windsurfing, you need the necessary windsurfing gear. Just like any other sport, this gear can help you get the best out of your windsurfing activities whilst protecting you and minimising dangers. The following are important windsurfing gear that you’ll need.

Personal Floatation Devices

A personal floatation device also known as a life jacket is the first gear you need regardless of your experience level or skills. You see, most experienced windsurfers take this for granted to their detriment.

No matter how skilled you are as a swimmer, there are simply some waves you can’t outswim or wait out; you could also get injured which could further reduce your swimming chances. So, always wear your floatation device.

Windsurfing Boards

If you want to windsurf, you need a sailboard. The only thing is the different types of boards can confuse you particularly when you’re a newbie. Common sailboard types include race boards, wide boards, long boards and short boards.

For beginners, the best sailboards are the wide, heavier boards as those help you focus on controlling the sails without:

  • Worrying about losing your balance.
  • Being concerned about its fragility –lighter boards can be fragile.

Ultimately, you will graduate to other boards and may require multiple boards depending on wind conditions. But for now, pick just one and start with it.

Windsurfing Sails

With several windsail types in different designs, it can be difficult to settle for one. However, the type of windsail you use will largely depend on your skill level and dexterity.

Nowadays, there’s more emphasis on larger, lighter sails for people interested in recreational windsurfing. However, these sails are best suited to experienced windsurfers. As a beginner, you should start with smaller, lightweight sails as they are easier to control and steer. In time, you can graduate to wider sails.

Other important windsurfing gear includes:

  • Windsurfing masts which support the sails.
  • Windsurfing booms
  • Windsurfing fins

Also, windsurfing accessories include mast foots and extensions, harnesses, board bags, shoes, gloves, and harness lines.

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