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Winning the Long Race: The Right Triathlon Gear Can Make All the Difference

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Tips on winning the triathlon and getting the right gear.

Getting ready for your first triathlon takes more than just getting in shape. Preparing for the three-sport competition also requires the right gear that will get you to the finish line. No matter how long or how arduous is the race, having the right triathlon gear is essential to your survival and success.

Triathlon has three disciplines: running, swimming and cycling. Each competition requires a different set of gear. So, knowing the right gear and when to use them increases your chances of winning. Triathlon has many variations; the Sprint is the shortest triathlon and the Ironman is the longest.

If you are a beginner, it’s a good idea to start at the Sprint level. Then, you can work your way up to the longer courses. It’s also a great idea to join a training team so that you will get the proper training for the competition.


Swimming is generally the first phase of the race. For this part, you need a wetsuit, a pair of goggles and a cap. You can wear the same clothes during the entire race or wear different suits for each obstacle. For longer races, such as the Ironman triathlon, competitors usually change their clothes during transition because comfort is more important than time when competing in long races.


A wetsuit increases buoyancy, reduces drag while swimming and helps you finish faster. Wetsuits are perfect for swimming in low-temperature waters; they are designed to keep your body warm. The downside, however, is that it takes more time to remove the wetsuit from your body.


However, if the water too warm, ditch your wetsuit and get a swimsuit instead. Others wear swimsuits so that they can keep up with the transition.


Some athletes wear shorts that are specifically made for triathlons. These tri-shorts usually work very well in all three phases of the competition; they are made from materials that block moisture, preventing chafing and skin damage.

Swim Cap

The swim cap is usually provided by the organizers of the race. If you are using your own cap, it should be made from latex, Lycra spandex or silicone.


Goggles help you see clearly. The curved lenses of the goggles improve peripheral vision and filters the damaging UV rays.


Buying and setting up your own bike can be costly, but you will need one to compete in a triathlon. Although any bike will do, customising your own bike can be a good investment. A good bike can win races, so choose wisely. Here are the different types of bikes:

Road Bikes

These bikes are versatile and great for the road. You can a bullhorn, aero bars and disc wheels.

Triathlon-Specific Bikes
If you are a professional triathlete who competes on a regular basis, then get this bike. It’s more expensive through. Tri-specific bikes will position you closer to the front wheel and they are more aerodynamic. The downside is that these bikes are more difficult to control and may be uncomfortable for really long rides.

Mountain Bike

If you are racing on trails, then you may want to get a mountain bike. For improved speed, try changing the tires.

Other Biking Gears

Other gears you will need for the bike phase are shorts, biking shoes, a helmet and cycling gloves.

Running Shoes

For the running phase, you need a pair of durable shoes. Find a good shoe that is comfortable to wear. If the triathlon is shorter, running flats is fine. However, for longer races, you want a shoe with great cushioning and support.

Hydration Belt

You will also need a hydration belt to help you maintain proper hydration while running. Although triathlons have first aid stations, you want to have control over what you eat and what you drink during the race.

Fitness Monitor

A fitness monitor tracks your body’s vital signs including heart rate and blood pressure. So having a good monitor can be life-saving.

Other Gears

Don’t forget to wear a hat and a pair of gloves. If the weather is warm, wear a visor to protect your eyes and face from the scorching heat of the sun.

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